Prophetic Art

Prophetic Art

Learning to "SEE" what God is "SAYING"

God requires of us to speak His Word so plainly that it is understood clearly


Order Prophetic images in Edible Print for Cakes and Cupcakes

Send your own images for Birthday Cakes with a special message

Come have fun with Edible Scrap Book cakes and decorating demonstrations and lots of creative goodies and ideas to create a cake for a gift or the family :)

Dream Interpreting Classes

Have you ever wondered about your dreams and the symbols in your dreams? "THE DREAM INTERPRETER - Your Ultimate Guide to Dream Interpreting" is the ultimate in Biblical Dream Interpretation Tool and have a great symbol dictionary of more than 700 pages at the back. This book teache,s explains and edifies.

Come learn practically how to use this book and what messages from God are hidden in your dream.

The Dream Interpreter by BIlly C.S. Wong

The Dream Interpreter






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